Valmalenco Ultradistance Trail

Anna Schenatti

04 Aprile 2019

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Valmalenco Ultradistance Trial

The Valmalenco Ultradistance Trail is a walk along the paths of the Alta Via della Valmalenco, of about 90 km and 6,000 meters of elevation gain, in semi-self-sufficiency, starting from Chiesa in Valmalenco.

For participation in the race, mountain experience, absence of vertigo, excellent training, adequate clothing at a temperature that can range from -5 to +30 degrees is required.

The race takes place in natural mountain environments with delicate ecosystems located within SIC and ZPS protected areas. Competitors must behave in an environmentally friendly manner, avoiding waste, collecting flowers or harassing the fauna.

The path of the Valmalenco UltraDistance Trail is classified with the red dot: EE itinerary for expert hikers. Itinerary that requires the ability to move on particular terrain, inaccessible or treacherous tracks or paths (slopes with rocky or detrital outcrops), sometimes exposed.
The route of the Valmalenco UltraDistance Trail 2018 follows the following itinerary:
Chiesa in Valmalenco (individual test), Lanzada (relay test), Vassalini, Torre Santa Maria, Ciappanico, Alpe Son, Cometti Hut at Alpe Piasci, Bosio Hut, Alpe Mastabbia, Alpe Lago, Alpe Pirlo, Alpe Pradaccio, Laghetti Sassersa , Passo Ventina, Rifugio Ventina, Rifugio Gerli Porro, Chiareggio, Alpe Fora, Rifugio Longoni, Alpe Entova, Alpe Paluetto, Rifugio Palù, Bocchel del Torno, Alpe Campascio, Rifugio Musella and Rifugio Mitta, Vallone di Scerscen, Rifugio Marinelli, Bocchetta Forbici , Rifugio Carate, Bocchetta di Fellaria, Rifugio Bignami, Campo Moro, Rifugio Zoia, Rifugio Cà Runcasc, Rifugio Cristina, Alpe Acquanera, Piazzo Cavalli, Caspoggio.

Valmalenco Ultradistance Trial