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Breathtaking views to be experienced across the Valmalenco trails, the Rusca trail or the Valtellina trail along the valley floor. Walk along gravel roads, asphalted roads or mountain trails to view the beauty the valley has to offer.
Come visit us, we’ll be able to assist with bike rentals as well as advice on the surroundings or on which bike to bring for maximum enjoyment during your biking experience.
Gola Up
It is an alpine trail in the gorge of the Scerscen stream, just downhill from Campo Franscia in the municipality of Lanzada in Valmalenco. Equipped with a harness, you’ll be secured to a pulley, allowing you to freely move along while attached to a steel cable.
Gola Up is located in Campofranscia in the municipality of Lanzada in Valmalenco.
Valmalenco Ultradistance Trail
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The Valmalenco Ultradistance Trail is a race following Valmalenco’s Alta Via trails, with a length of 90 km and a total 6000 metres elevation gain. This trail begins in Chiesa in Valmalenco.
This trail is not suggested for those who experience vertigo, and requires a high degree of fitness and experience in mountain environments. Adequate equipment and clothing is necessary, as the temperatures to be expected on this trail range from -5 to +30 degrees Celsius.
Miniera della Bagnada
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The Bagnada mine museum in Lanzada in Valmalenco came to be from a desire to safeguard and display a local heritage which is rapidly disappearing amidst present times.
By refurbishing a reality which had been protagonist in Valmalenco, one can understand and learn the history and socio-economic implications brought about by the mining which took place within the valley for over two centuries.

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Activities and Sports in Valmalenco

Valmalenco is an ideal place for excursions and trekking thanks to the myriad of trails which allow one to admire the natural beauty the valley has to offer.
Alpine Skiing
Valmalenco is home to 60 Km of tracks suitable for both beginners and experts, all meticulously maintained while being immersed in the valley’s natural splendour.
The Valmalenco SnowPark is kitted with a funbox, kicker, half-pipe, spine and bordercross tracks guaranteed to excite anyone interested in freestyle snowboarding.
Sci Touring
A mountain climb across fable-like woods and enchanting valleys will lead to a rewarding and deserved peak, not to mention the exciting fresh-snow descent that follows.
Cross-country Skiing
Valmalenco offers a variety of tracks and loops for any cross-country skiers, all immersed within priceless alpine scenery.
Valmalenco’s vast slopes feature plenty of untouched snow fit for skiing, like a painted canvas waiting for a signature.
Valmalenco offers a variety of equipped routes for people of all experience levels, all overlooking the valley’s beauty.
Returning to the spotlight in recent years, snowshoes allow for a classic and enjoyable way to tour the landscape during winter.
Nordic Walking
Available to anyone, only a few lessons are needed to pick up this new walking technique.
Practice coming about in the seventies, bouldering involves climbing or scrambling up a variety of obstacles the mountain has to offer; also known in Italian as ‘Sassismo’.
Practice oriented entirely around a speedy descent, downhill takes place on the steepest of slopes, with either natural or artificial obstacles.
Valmalenco’s canyoning course is unique in the Alps. A large part of the canyon is completely covered by darkness.
Ice Skating
For Skating enthusiasts, Valmalenco has two venues in store, both in the open air and both bound to be a great source of entertainment.
Tobogganing and Bobsledding
Thanks to the roads which lead up to some of the highest parts of the valley, one can be sure to enjoy themselves after a relaxed walk to any of the many areas suitable for sledding.
Rafting is one of the more interesting water sports. It consists of traversing harsh mountain rivers and streams upon a specialized inflatable craft. A great choice for anyone seeking thrills or to experience their fascinating surroundings.
Like with rafting, canoeing enjoyers will find no shortage of incredible and exciting spots along the Adda River, crossing the valley’s natural landscape while keeping active.
Fishing fans will find 4 fishing venues, on the valley floor along the River Adda, within several alpine lakes near Campagneda, or in the Mallero stream.
Horse Riding
Not far from Sondrio, within the Orobie Park, one can enjoy the thrills of Alpine horse riding.
A skiing hotspot during winter, summer transforms Valmalenco’s slopes into a mouth-watering array of challenging mountain bike trails, bound to be a blast for any and all MTB enthusiasts.
An 11-man synthetic soccer field is available for use, providing yet another attraction within Valmalenco.